Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Cop charged with wife’s m****r to appear in court on Friday

    Detective Corporal Kirk Lawrence

    The detective corporal who was arrested in connection with the death of his wife last week at their home in Tower Isle, St Mary, has been charged with m****r.

    The accused, Kirk Lawrence, is to appear in the St Mary Parish Court on Friday, June 7.

    He was charged late Wednesday, following a ruling from the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Paula Llewellyn.

    Reports are that about 6:30 a.m., the cop and his wife, 45-year-old Janet Hardie-Lawrence, were engaged in an argument at their house in Jamaica Beach, Tower Isle.

    Residents reported that they then heard loud explosions and alerted the police.

    On their arrival, the now accused officer, who is assigned to the Trelawny Police Division, was found by his fellow law enforcers at the entrance to the house.

    Hardie-Lawrence was found with several gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at hospital.

    Janet Hardie-Lawrence

    According to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), which probed the case, the police found two guns, a service pistol and a licensed firearm, which were assigned to, or belonged to the accused policeman, and 12 spent shells on the scene.

    The detective corporal was reportedly questioned in the presence of his attorney on Monday, and a file was subsequently sent to the DPP.

    There have been conflicting reports about the couple’s troubled marriage.

    Interestingly, the detective corporal reportedly detailed his alleged troubles in a voice note to his colleagues, in which he reportedly confessed to having killed her moments before the recording.

    In the 26-second voice note, the cop stated: “Mi love di whole a unuh enuh oh. Dis a di last time (unuh ago) hear mi voice. Mi wife a torment mi life – Constable Gordon can tell unuh – torment mi life. Mi gah station last night and report (it) and from morning me a call back Corporal Johnson fi come talk to di woman. Di woman lick off mi door fi money (and) a torment mi life, a torment mi life and dis morning mi haffi k**l har.”

    The corporal continued: “Mi sorry, but ah so it guh. Mi nah stay fi face di judgement, so mi love di ol ah unuh. So it guh, one love.”

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