Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Vybz Kartel Jamaica’s Greatest “Writer” Of All-Time?

    Is Vybz Kartel the greatest Jamaican to ever take up the pen?

    Jamaica’s exceptional literary talent is profound, especially considering the size and population of the country relative to others.

    Due to the country’s strong cultural background, the writing that escapes the pen of our scholars tend to depict Jamaican life, joy, and struggle. We have esteemed writers like Claude Mckay, Roger Mais, and Louise Bennett Coverly, among others.

    Which is why I am sure not everyone might agree, but I firmly believe Vybz Kartel is the greatest writer this country has ever produced.

    Influence: Never before in the history of the country has a writer been more influential and celebrated.

    Whether it be his book or one of his many hit songs; is instructions seem to be law and his way of life (Gaza) seem to be the ruling political party within the country, with die-hard supporters.

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