Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    WATCH: Retired senior cop pepper sprayed by policeman

    Former Deputy Superintendent, Altermoth ‘Parro’ Campbell reacts to being pepper sprayed by a policeman during a traffic stop.

    A video of a former deputy superintendent of police being pepper sprayed by a constable during a traffic stop has been racking up the views on social media.

    Former Deputy Superintendent, Altermoth ‘Parro’ Campbell was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in the Corporate Area after he reportedly overtook a line of traffic. After being questioned by a policeman, Campbell informed the cop that he was not in possession of his driver’s license.

    The cop ordered Campbell to step out of his vehicle and Campbell refused all the while asking the cop if he could be arrested for not being in possession of the license.


    Campbell was about to leave his vehicle but retreated after noticing that the policeman had armed himself with a pepper spray canister. As Campbell attempted to wind-up his car window, however, the seemingly overzealous cop pointed the canister in the retired lawman’s direction and sprayed him in the eyes.

    The former senior cop, who was a 40 year veteran of the force, then fully rolled up his window and instructed his son – who was in the passenger seat of the vehicle – to do the same while dousing a rag with water and wiping his clearly irritated eyes.

    After a few minutes, a police service vehicle occupied by a senior cop who knew Campbell arrived, and it was then that Campbell exited the vehicle.

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