Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Masicka Gets Burn By Dancehall Fans Over Sapphic “Blessing” video

    Dancehall fans have made it quite clear to Masicka that they are not in support of his new music video “Blessing,” which features two women engaging in a Sapphic tryst.

    It would appear that Masicka had underestimated the mammoth rejection the official video for the song would have garnered from dancehall fans in Jamaica and across the world. The deejay was also unprepared for the backlash from fans who rebuked, scolded and belittled him over the clip. Some fans claimed that he does not have a mind of his own and is being led to destruction. The artiste posted the video on YouTube on Wednesday (July 24), which features two women groping and kissing each other in a pool, as well as, a bed, throughout the three minutes and 25 seconds duration. The video was shot at the Villas Sur Mer at West End in Negril.

    The video racked up just under 270,000 views and almost 2,000 comments from fans voicing their opinion. The vast majority of them slammed the deejay for, among other things, copying Shenseea who had done something similar a few weeks ago. Some fans demanded that he delete the video lest they stop listening to him, while others branded him having sold his soul for money.




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