Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Spice Pleads With Jamaica PM Andrew Holness To Legalize ‘Bad Words’ In Dancehall


    Spice wants Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness to legalize the use of “bad words” in

    ddddddddancehall because it’s holding back the culture.

    Earlier this month we published two articles detailing Popcaan and Bounty Killer’s outcry for

    lifting the ban the Jamaican government has on profanity in dancehall.

    In Jamaica, whenever an artist is performing, they have to ensure that there is no profanity used. The use of such results in imprisonment or a fine.

    For songs played on the radio, the expletives are also removed. The Queen of Dancehall uploaded a video showcasing the concert she is performing at in Belgium. The name of the concert is Bumbocl**t which she stressed throughout the video.

    In the video Spice says, “Me a make da video ya fi show unuh the name of the festival.. The festival name Bumbocl**t Music Festival right here in Belgium and let me tell unuh something. I’m doing the video so maybe it can reach to the head of the Prime Minister in Jamaica. This is the word that unuh fight we for if we call it on stage we get locked up and charged for it. My thing is why is it that things that unuh Nuh like bout we is that the tourist dem love.

    You know what I feel like they’re gonna make somewhere named Jamaica right here in Europe, get some white sand and rasta man put on it and get some w**d and people are gonna be able to come to Jamaica and do what they feel like because unuh a fight out the things dem weh ppl love bout we.

    When I travel this is the first word the tourist dem ask me to cuss, Bumbocl**t. There is a r*m named Bumbocl**t. Why is it that these people are making money off the things that unuh a fight against? ”

    This aligns with the message that Popcaan and Bounty Killer have been trying to get across for which they have many supporters.

    But there are also those that point out that in those countries our swear words aren’t seen in the same light. They are harmless.

    But for the host country, they won’t allow their own bad words to be broadcasted, so we need to understand the core reason behind it.

    What no-one seems to make note of though, is the historical meaning of the words.

    Bumbocl**t, Rass Cloth, Bloodcloth, and P**sy cl**t were used to describe strips of cloth used in the days of slavery by slaves at the restroom or while menstruating.

    So why is it that they were banned?

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