Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Dancehall Queen Spice Sparks Controversy Following Heated Airport Exchange


    The Queen of Dancehall, Spice has sparked controversy following a heated quarrel with middle aged woman at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

    The “Cool It” deejay is now facing heavy backlash from fans after a video clip emerged on social media of her engaged in heated exchange with a woman while checking in for her flight.

    The incident, which took place at the Westjet check-in line at the airport, saw the female Dancehall artiste launch several expletives at the woman, who she claims initially provoked her.

    In the video clip Spice can be heard saying “s*ck yo madda,” much to the disapproval of curious onlookers who greeted the insult with a resounding chant of “No.”

    “Mi check in lang time. Dutty ooman, look how long mi check in, dutty ooman! Go s*ck yo madda! Look how long time mi check een; yuh a come talk bout mi stan up deh so,” an irritated Spice blurted out.

    “Yuh don’t have no madda,” the woman retorts pointing her finger at the artiste before the clip ends.

    Spice was then then seen leaving the area while being escorted by a security guard, still complaining that she was provoked by woman.

    The incident has since sparked heavy criticism from fans on social media, with many labeling the entertainer’s behavior as rather distasteful.

    “Disgusting, money can’t buy class. Always telling someone about their mother. Disrespectful and think the world revolves around her,” one fan said, while another added,

    “She no have no mother, always telling people to s*ck their mother, a must cow push her out.”

    However, it was not all negative comments as some of the deejay’s loyal supporters did

    come to her backing pointing out that the entertainer was obviously provoked in the situation, while others offered their advice.

    “I don’t know what cause this outburst Spice. But it did not sound good. Remember that you are a public figure. Conduct yourself as a lady. You are too easily drawn out,” one fan advised the deejay.

    According to at least one person who claims they witnessed the entire incident firsthand,

    Spice only reacted negatively towards the woman after she falsely accused her of skipping the line.

    “The lady think Spice a skip everybody an start cuss because she a say cause Spice a

    celebrity them a make she go thru first.

    But spice check in longtime before all me, cause I was the 4th person in the line. Spice was the second person in the line with her dancer girl them,” he said.

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