Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Love & Hip Hop: Spice Gets Into Heated Argument At The Airport “S*ck Yuh Mada

    Dancehall diva Spice is facing a lot of heat after a video of a fiery quarrel between herself and a middle-aged woman at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, surfaced on social media on Sunday.

    The incident took place at the Westjet check-in line at the airport. Before Spice walks into the view of the camera, she is heard in the distance saying; “s*ck yo madda,” which immediately evoked a chorus of “nos” from the other passengers who were seemingly in disagreement with her words. The woman shouts at her, most of her words inaudible, but at one the woman can be seen and heard calling Spice “dutty gyal.”

    Spice is seen storming away from the area, escorted by a security guard, still protesting that the woman had wrongfully attacked her and that she had checked in a long time ago.

    “Mi check in lang time. Dutty ooman, look how long mi check in, dutty ooman! Go s*ck yo madda! Look how long time mi check een; yuh a come talk bout mi stan up deh so,” an irritated Spice blurted out.

    “Yuh don’t have no madda,” the woman retorts pointing her finger in the artiste’s direction before the clip ends.

    Facebook users who viewed the video were polarized in their reactions to the video. Some said the Spanish Town native was disrespectful to the woman out of sheer arrogance, because of her stardom, while others said she was provoked.

    “Disgusting, money can’t buy class. Always telling someone about their mother. Disrespectful and think the world revolves around her,” Tishantay Bennett said, while Denise Nicholson stated: “She no have no mother, always telling people to s*ck their mother, a must cow push her out.”

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