Friday, August 14, 2020

    Louie Rankin’s BabyMother Defends GOFUNDME Page- Says Canada Is Not Easy


    The partner of late Reggae artist and actor Louie Rankin defends her actions of creating a Gofundme page to assist with the funeral expenses of the icon who lost his life in a car crash in Ontario earlier this month.

    Rankin, whose real name is Leonard Ford, died in a collision with a transport truck in

    Shelburne, Ontario at the age of 66.

    The mother of Rankins children expressed in a recent post that the entertainer’s life

    insurance was still t*****p due to an ongoing investigation.

    Hence, she had no alternative but to create a campaign on the crowdfunded platform to get help from those who were willing.

    She also explained that even though she had two jobs, money was still tight, due to mortgage and other miscellaneous expenses.

    According to Rankin’s partner, they both had savings, but decided to invest it in the deejay’s unreleased album before his untimely death,

    which she expressed “wasn’t cheap”.


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