Friday, August 14, 2020

    Jamaica’s Top contract killer Shot Dead By Police In Montego Bay

    The man who was killed in a reported shootout with the police in St James on

    Monday has been identified as a top-level contract killer who was believed to have been behind several high-profile

    murders that have been committed across the island.

    The man, identified as Kimani Brown, who was said to have also used the alias,

    ‘Damion Mitchell’, was from a Corporate Area address.

    Police sources said the murders he was under investigation for included those of Simone Campbell-Collymore, 32, and 36-year-old taxi operator, Winston Watson, who were shot dead at premises on Stanley Terrace in the Red Hills area of St Andrew on January 2, 2018.

    Simone Campbell-Collymore is the wife of businessman Omar ‘Best’ Collymore, who was held in St Elizabeth after being sought by the police for some time and was subsequently charged with m****r in relation to the killings of his wife and Watson.

    Among other matters, Brown was also under investigation for the killing of a security guard in a brazen gun attack in Stony Hill, St Andrew recently.

    Reports are that Brown was shot dead during a police operation in a gated community in Mango Walk, St James on Monday. The police said three other men were held in the operation, two of whom are also believed to be top operatives in the criminal underworld.

    The police told Loop News that one firearm, a .380 pistol loaded with six rounds of ammunition, was confiscated during the incident that unfolded on Mango Walk Boulevard in St James.

    Reports are that about 6.30 pm, the men who are from Corporate Area addresses were at an apartment in the mentioned area, when a team of police went to the location. During the raid, the men reportedly engaged the police in a shootout.

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